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About Us


Dr. Bautista Kuyumdjian, who arrived from Armenia in 1923, established the law firm in 1946. From the beginning, his professional activity was outstanding, not only because of his professionalism and ethics but because of his personal commitment to his clients and their legal needs. Being the first lawyer of the Armenian community in Argentina, he managed to gain a prominent place in the community, intervening in conflicts that required his legal knowledge and calm demeanour.

Since 1980, with the incorporation of the second generation of attorneys in the Bautista family, the legal practice extended the services it provides their clients while preserving the qualities that Dr. Kuyumdjian forged. Patricia Kuyumdjian de Williams, Javier B. Kuyumdjian and Gabriel E. Williams joined the firm, incorporating new areas of law practice, especially Family and Succession Law, both in the national and international arenas.

In 2013 a third-generation attorney, Santiago G. Williams, joined the firm. Dr. S.G. Williams successfully completed his Master in Business Law at the University of Alcala de Henares, Spain, in 2013 and after a Master in Business Law at San Andres University.

Areas of Expertise

Succession and
Estate Planninfg
Commercial and Advice
to Enterprises


Corporate Law

Civil Law
Labour Law

Tax Law

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